Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Man oh Man!

It's been a bit of time; for which I apologize.

I still need to write up a proper insightful post; but in the interim, a few things I am looking forward to.


- Today the Coachella line-up was announced. The word outstanding comes to mind, but doesn't tip the iceberg.
- Spoon dropped a solid album today. Stream one of my favorite cuts here.
- I enjoyed this article on the All Songs Considered blog. Read it if you have some time.
- Also, in the category of "do we already have an album of the year" ... stream Teen Dream by Beach House (courtesy of NPR).

Yes, that is a river that has stumbled its way upon one of our area freeways. Here's to hoping it didn't find it's way into my living room. Ughh, leaky ceilings blow.

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