Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Morning Soundtrack - Lollapalooza 2013 Edition

As an LA resident, Coachella has become somewhat of an annual regional holiday. I don't always attend but like a friend's yearly holiday party, the option is always there. Lollapalooza on the other-hand has always seemed distant, mis-understood and definitely awesome. Therefore, it was with little convincing that a group of west-coasters head back and shack up with some third coasters for a weekend of Grant Park musical exploration.

A few quick hits...

- Grant Park provides a near perfect backdrop for a festival of this size. The skyline, the foliage but...
- ...bring comfortable shoes. At nearly a mile, cruising from main stage to main stage is a HAUL.
- The seen or be seen vibe of Coachella makes way for hmmm...questionable dressing decisions and generally a friendlier, 'lake-hippy' attitude. It's a festival full of people just like that one kid from Wisconsin that lived a couple doors down in your freshman dorm.
- Trees are the best form of group leadership. I can assure you that you'll never lose your friends.
- Phoenix have completely transformed themselves to a festival headliner...this is a good thing.
- Back to the long haul. Don't sacrifice a great time you're having in justice of what's going on at insert band's set across the way...we'll call this the FOMO syndrome.
- Two 'under-the-radar/see these guys now' sets: Lianne La Havas, Palma Violets.
- Four 'these guys are total pros' sets: Phoenix (see above), Grizzly Bear, Hot Chip and The National (missed 'em but the good word was passed along...and yeah, it's the National at a festival).
- That's about it. Chicago is a great city to host a festival. It's easy to get to, the food/drink in the city is a great jumping off point for a day full of music. And a weekend like this provides nothing more communal and healthy for maintaining long-distance friendships. The general let's forget about what we do Monday through Friday mentality, doesn't hurt either.

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