Thursday, October 11, 2012

Grizzly Bear - Live at the Greek Theatre

With the loveliest of backdrops and a welcome autumn chill - Grizzly Bear brought their fitting sound to a Los Angeles crowd eager to soak it all in.

On what was their first ever show at the Greek and their last show of their North American tour - the 'vibes' as Ed Droste said, were epic ... adding, "I can smell y'all are having a great time!"

The new tracks from Shields swirled in the air and fit so snuggly into the bands repertoire, you'd think they'd been touring this setlist for years.

For a band that accomplishes intricate musical nuance so well and effortlessly, you'd never know they had difficulty coming to a consensus on the material that would ultimately comprise Shields. Lined up in a row of four (rotating fifth member tucked away in the back) - Chris, Ed, Daniel and Chris Bear moved about instruments placed throughout the stage, swapped vocal duties and orchestrated a beautiful light display behind them (think of giant bobbing jellyfish). An aural and visual overload.

Highlights from the new material included: Yet Again, Sun In Your Eyes and the rollicking, A Simple Answer. But it was the finale that left just about everyone speechless... Playing an acoustic version of All We Ask from Veckatimest; the band lulled down the lights behind them (see above) and put their finger on what everyone must have been feeling in that very moment ... "I can't get out of what I'm into with you."

They continue to prove: if you're invested, they'll deliver great returns.

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