Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan

Brooklyn's Dirty Projectors are readying the release of their new album, Swing Lo Magellan.

For the occasion, the NY Times is currently streaming the record and has a nice interview with musical wiz and frontman David Longstreth.

Upon first listen, I'm drawn to the dichotomy of straight forward, listenability and their signature complicated song structure. The majority of the tracks seem to stay in the pocket a bit longer...leaving the listener room to find melody and nuance that might have been sacrificed when Longstreth et al flashed their chops. See: the title track and Just From Chevron.

In the interview, Longstreth reveals that both Neil Young and Lil Wayne played a part influencing the writing process. Listen with that in mind as flourishes of acoustic leads standout and club ready beats step in.

The band continues to evolve their sound and it's no surprise they've gathered fans in doing so. I expect this release to be both critically lauded and commercially embraced; as they've definitely honed in on the delicate balance of off-beat and accessible.

Take a listen - what do y'all think?

Also, see them July 28th at the Wiltern.

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