Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jack White - The Mayan Theatre - 4/30/12

In most circles - Jack White sits firmly in the hierarchy of rock 'n roll royalty. And, as demonstrated last night - he rules his kingdom with grace and pomp.

Backed by a 6 piece all-female band, White (in all black) tore through his notebook of sing alongs and all out rollicking guitar jams with ease and grit. His new material from his Third Man Records release, Blunderbuss - swirled and swelled the cramped venue. New tunes Love Interruption and Weep Themselves To Sleep fit snuggly amongst his prior work that put him on his current pedestal. Classics like Hotel Yorba and My Doorbell sound (and feel) bigger thanks to the fuller accompaniment.

As the night closed the air in the room was special; it felt as if the collective group needed a second to comprehend what had just happened or everyone was already working on procuring sold out ticket to his impending two dates at the Wiltern (May 30th and 31st).

When the king speaks - you listen.

Jack White - Blunderbuss

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