Friday, April 9, 2010

State Bicycle

State Bicycle Co. based out of Tempe, AZ has been garnering quite a bit of buzz these days; and rightfully so. The start up biz currently based online (with hopes to open a physical location soon) is run by Mehdi Farsi, Reza Farsi and Eric Ferguson. These guys excel in providing ease of entry for those that want to make the leap into the fixed (or free-wheel) world of cycling or catering to those that simply need to upgrade their current whip.

I for one, ride fixed and have experienced the learning curve that is needed in order to feel comfortable within this all too (for whatever reason) inaccessible community. No worries, because these guys have taken the time to do it for you and at very accessible prices.

Currently State Bicycle offers 7 color combos (more to come), 3 sizes (52cm, 55cm and 59cm) and an option of handlebar style (bull, drop or risers). The bicycles ride smooth and the rider whether experienced or not, will be astonished at the price point of these fine steeds.

State Bicycles start at $429 (shipping included). Quite simply a steal for all that is included and I can't think of anyone's hands I'd rather put you in than these fine gentlemen; Knowledgeable, helpful and some of the friendliest dudes you'll meet.

So, if you're in the market or have a friend that's in the market, remember to check out State Bicycle Co.


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